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  • Our high-resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage inline inspection tool is designed to provide the most accurate information on pipeline condition and integrity-related discrepancies.

  • The use of superior sensor technology and advanced data acquisition capabilities ensure that our tools record and deliver 100% high-resolution survey data.

  • Our MFL tool is robust and able to withstand sea water, sour gas, carbon dioxide, ammonia, high pressure, high temperature and other hostile operating conditions.

  • Our Low friction MFL inspection tools are ideal for low-pressure gas or Multiphase pipelines.


  • This operating flexibility translates into higher first-run success rates. Thus lowering the cost of running survey tools and shortening the downtime of the pipeline.


Our in-house R&D team also develops state of the art Multichannel caliper tools. The Multichannel tool is capable of measuring pipeline ovality with a passage of up to 30% ID reduction capability.

MFL & Caliper Tools

Romstar’s intelligent pigs utilise technology such as magnetic flux leakage, geometric mapping, and data logging.

Our Product and Service Deliverables

  • 4" - 40" Magnetic Flux Leakage Equipment Fleet.

  • 4" - 40" Multichannel Caliper fleet

  • High-pressure Tool fleet

  • Speed Control System for Inspection Tools

  • IMU/Geo Mapping facility for Onshore Inspection.

  • RomSOFT, RTrans, RView – Multidimensional Data Interpretation Software Package.

  • Specialised pigging solutions

  • Manufacturing of pipeline cleaning pigs

 Awards and Recognition

  • 2013 – Malaysia Most Innovative SME, SME                                    Innovation Award

  • 2011 – Malaysian Brand certification

  • 2011 – MITI Industry Excellence Award

  • 2011 – Petronas Most Promising Vendor

  • 2011 – Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Top                  nominee for Technology category

  • 2010 – Prime Minister SME Innovation Award Best                        Innovation in Services Sector

  • 2010 – Anugerah Menteri Sumber Manusia

  • 2010 – Enterprise 50

  • 2010 – Malaysian Association Research Scientist                          (MARS)


Towards Pipeline Integrity.


To be the regional leader integral to pipeline inspection methodologies and technologies.

Email  :

Phone : +603 9282 3434
Fax      : +603 9282 4434

Awards & Certificates

Along the line, we’ve managed to sustain and build our business strengths thanks to our clients who have allowed us to achieve an impeccable track record.

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