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In-Line Inspection

In-line inspection (ILI)

MFL surveys give you a precise, comprehensive profile of your pipeline to help you ensure safety and make sound risk management decisions.

Romstar In-line inspection (ILI)

Inline Inspection (MFL TOOLS)

  • Our high-resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage inline inspection tool is designed to provide the most accurate information on pipeline condition and integrity related features.
  • The use of superior sensor technology and advanced data acquisition capabilities ensure that our tools record and deliver 100% high-resolution survey data.
  • Our MFL tool is robust and reliable to withstand Sea water, sour gas, carbon dioxide, ammonia, high pressure, high temperature and other hostile operating conditions.
  • Our Low friction MFL inspection tools are ideal for low-pressure gas or Multiphase pipelines.
  • This operating flexibility translates into higher first-run success rates, lower costs in running survey tools and less downtime for pipeline.
  • This approach proved to be excellent for standard inspection requirements and detection capabilities of such equipment as it covers major parts of known pipeline defects.


Our in-house R&D team also develops our state of the art Multichannel caliper tools. The Multichannel tool is capable of measuring pipeline ovality with passage of up to 30% ID reduction capability.


Pull Through Test Facility

Romstar Pull Through Test Facility